A sampling of videos I've produced, directed, filmed, and/or edited.

Lydia Hol
"This Fire"

A few years back I was introduced to singer/songwriter Lydia Hol when she needed some help filming a live-off-the-floor music video. I was then thrilled when this ridiculously talented and gorgeous lady asked me to direct her music video for the Peak Performance Project. We had less than two weeks to pull together this shoot - kudos to Lydia for coming up with the idea of lighting up a giant tree. Although she may have regretted it after I made her sit up there for a few hours!

Director: Angela Stearns

Camera: Jordan Lee

PA: Gabe Ng

Editor: Terezia Pan

Lydia Hol
"Heading North"

On a stormy winter weekend we headed out to Pender Island to film a series of live-off-the-floor videos for songs from Lydia's new album - Heading North. We filmed this title track in an old boathouse on the shores of the Pacific ocean. It was cold, rainy, and windy as heck, but we had an absolute blast filming here. I still listen to this live recording on repeat!

Camera: Angela Stearns & Jordan Lee

Editing: Jordan Lee

Early Music Vancouver
"2015 Chan Centre Highlights"

For a few years now I've had the pleasure of working with Early Music Vancouver and have filmed a number of their fantastic concerts. The talent of their performers, and dedication to preserving and presenting early music with authentic instruments and traditions, always creates a memorable experience. I strongly recommend checking out their events. 

Producer: Angela Stearns

Camera: Angela Stearns, Jordan Lee, D'Arcy Hamilton, Wes Wetanko, Jonathan Schmitdgall, Adela Baborova, Erik Anderson

Editing: Bill Mohn