Hi I'm Ange - the lady behind the lens! I love the process of taking photos from start to finish, but the best part about my work is making people happy. It feels great to give someone their photos (or videos) and hear them say “WOW - I can’t believe how good I look,” or “I cried happy tears when I saw them,” or “they helped me attract more business.”


A little about my style: I like to use natural light as much as possible and keep editing simple. I focus on bringing out each individual’s personality and natural beauty through the images. Whether you’re used to being in front of a camera, or feel completely awkward and uncomfortable around one, you can trust that I’ll pour my heart and soul into helping you bring out your best. I think that everyone should have a beautiful photo of themselves and I love being the one to capture it!


A little about my background: I worked as a photo/video professional for over six years, working full time as a producer/production coordinator for companies that create client films and other corporate-style videos. I’ve recently left that world full time and now focus on freelance work.

A little about my logo: I wanted a logo that captured things that are important to me and reflective of my photographic style and west coast location. I love the natural world and using it as a backdrop (and of course foreground as well) in my pictures. I want to give a huge thank you to Gabrielle Ng who designed my beautiful logo (www.yellowgoosiedesign.com)!